OSCAR Nominations 2021 (Best Picture)- Movie, Actor, Music Actress. Here we are provided the list of full nominations of 92nd Academy Awards. Get OSCAR 2021 Nominations List, Best Pictures, Actor, Actress, Animated Feature film, Best Cinematography, Best Directing etc.

OSCAR 2021 is going to live in India / Or whole world wise other time schedule. Its big and most popular awards have live. OSCAR Awards is given to best  of best in entertainment industry. Now the time is over and OSCAR Nominations 2021 list will be available on Monday. Its 93rd Academy Awards will be live telecast on 10th February 2021 schedule time.

This time OSCAR 2021 Hosted by Issa Rae and John Cho. Live  / Air on official ABC. You have watch the winners name and OSCAR Winners 2021 List.

OSCAR Nominations 2021 List

Now its time to check get the full list of OSCAR 2021. Just follow the list we have provided. All list and name will be provided the under the Official OSCAR portal

OSCAR Best Picture Nominations List 2021 – 


Actor In A Leading Role OSCAR 2021 Nominations – 


Actress In A Leading Role OSCAR 2021 Nominations –


Actress in A Supporting Role OSCAR 2021 Nominations – 


OSCAR 2021 Nominations Full List

OSCAR 2021 Best Animated Feature Film – 


OSCAR 2021 Best Cinematography – 


OSCA 2021 Best Costume Design – 


Best Directing OSCAR 2021 – 


Best Documentary OSCAR 2021 – 


Best Documentary (Short Films)


Best Film Editing OSCAR 2021 – 


Best International Feature Film – 


OSCAR Best Music – 

Check OSCAR 2021 Nominations Name

OSCAR 2021 Best Production Design –

Best Short Film Nomination – 

OSCAR Best Writing (Original Screenplay) Nomination

OSCAR 2021 Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) Nomination

OSCAR Best Visual Effects Nomination – 

OSCAR Best Sound mixing Nomination 2021 

OSCAR Best Sound Editing Nomination – 

Further details & Information, will be time to time update here. When OSCAR is on AIR we are provided live video. If you want to watch then follow us and get the live telecast. Must be follow us on Facebook & Twitter etc.

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